1. Nightide (Time).mp3
  2. Welcome.mp3
  3. Hip-Hopabily.mp3
  4. A.A.F.L.Y.A.mp3
  5. Stormy Weather.mp3
  6. The Ghostship And An Angel On The Eyeland.mp3
  7. Highland Expedition.mp3
  8. Invasion.mp3
  9. Sibila's Alibis.mp3
  10. The Cave.mp3
  11. Riders.mp3
  12. Woodstick.mp3
  13. Flashing Lights In Purple Clouds.mp3
  14. Rain.mp3



"As if from another star" - that's been the general response of the press after experiencing an evening of the music of Marc Hirte. Marc began his musical journey at the age of 13 when he started taking classical guitar lessons. Five years later he found himself in the states under the musical supervision of Jim Finley jr. he worked primarily on bettering his ability on the electric guitar. The technique and knowledge that he accumulated from this training was responsible for his becoming a most sought after musician, especially in the session world. After returning from his sojourn in the u.s. he joined the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra, following which he made the acquaintance of the renowned guitar builder Jerry Auerswald (made famous by his other worldly creations for pop king Prince among others). Jerry was immediately impressed with the young guitarists prowess and promptly presented marc with one of his masterpieces. This ultimately led to an ongoing working relationship between Marc and Jerry. Marc has also been contracted to write compositions for various societies, for example he did some work for the John Cranko Ballet School in Stuttgart. He has also done some film music. In '92 he started reducing his activities which up until then had included visits and concert tours to N.Y., London and other parts of the world where he met and received praise from great musicians like Al Di Meola, Billy hart, Brian ferry, and Klaus Doldinger. He made a firm decision then to devote himself entirely to his solo program which he had been working on all the while. Early in '94 he presented his vision live for the first time and his first release is available on Boulevard records.