1. There_To_Hear.mp3
  2. The_Ride.mp3
  3. Take_Your_Time.mp3
  4. Earth_Surroundings.mp3
  5. Swamp_Eyes.mp3
  6. Fullfilling_Vision.mp3
  7. She.mp3
  8. Spontaneous_Premeditation.mp3
  9. Blue_Planet.mp3
  10. Glow.mp3
  11. Stampede.mp3
  12. The_Ballad.mp3
  13. The Monkey.mp3
  14. Patricia's Dance.mp3



Finally it has arrived! After a four-year break, Marc Hirte, the conspicuous, exceptional guitar player has completed his third album. Just like the critics and his audience reviewed his past two CDs, the forty- two year old guitar-magician has mixed an enchanting potion called THERE TO HEAR. Marc has once again worked out how to use all possible sounds within the art of modern instrumental music. He seems to kidnap his listeners into fascinating sound-buildings and rhythmically throbbing sonorous landscapes. Rock-orchestral compositions alternate with finely woven acoustic carpets. Ballad type pieces follow after bouncing, dance like club-rhythms. Contrary to diverse other top-guitar players, Marc does not hide himself behind his own virtuosity. THERE TO HEAR sounds astonishingly pop-influenced. Lots of pieces are "ear-bound" shortly even after listening to them for the first time. Marc often uses virtuoso highlights while never losing sight to the initial composition. His whole range of capability can only be registered after intensive repeated listening. "that's what this album is all about . The title THERE TO HEAR, describes the main intention of each and every CD production, "made to be heard" and also what happens during the act of listening itself. Those who concentrate on the music completely, stop other thinking processes and relax. A very soothing thought in the middle of our "fast-food-music" era."the son of a well-known opera singer used the mentioned four year period between his '96 released album, SECOND NATURE and now for further musical development. Marc equipped himself with his own studio and started to record and produce other bands and musicians. "Due to the work with pop ,jazz and musicians from other directions, my horizon extended considerably" he says . Marc produced THERE TO HEAR nearly on a solo run, in his own digital studio. "I experienced working at home as an act of liberation." said Marc. "The technical possibilities helped to increase my musical vocabulary." so he goes on. The classical trained guitar player flirts with influences such as electrical dance-music, drums 'n' bass, house and techno. The results however stay Marc Hirte pure. "I consider technical know-how just as a gown which i use to dress my music in fashion clothing of today, yet still keeping loyalty to my own style. THERE TO HEAR leaves its usual instrumental terrain for three songs. Singer/songwriter, Zam Helga (formerly of "Helga pictures" and previously "Rauhfaser") appears on"Take Your Time", "Fulfilling Visions" and "The Ballad", modern and intelligent rock songs, giving this album more colorful spotlights. Pieces like "Earth Surroundings" or "The Monkey", are anchor parts of Marc's live- set on this album. The guitarist uses rhythm segments via sampler which he activates with a foot-switch. Together with these live recorded loops he improvises and adds rhythm figures making a solo concert sound like a complete string-orchestra. Marc managed to amaze people all around the world with his compact soundart. Besides critics and the audience, he has impressed top-acts like Al Di Meola, Slash, Steve Howe, Chet Atkins, Larry Coryell or Gregg Bissonette. After taking notice of all the musical variety in THERE TO HEAR, the central part consists with no doubt, of Marc's lead and rhythm guitar work in which he always signs as a real professional with an unmistakable handwriting. His clear facetful tone carries him away over the crowd of fellow guitar players. Using all exciting techniques which brand modern instrumental guitar music. Trained in the U.S.A and born in Stuttgart, Marc strolls supremely through his current album, playing lines with Eddie van-Halen's two-hand tapping, working out several-voice melodies in Tuck Andress style, sometimes flowing like Allan Holdsworth and then string-sprinting in Shawn Lane manner. Marc's guitar work never sounds sterile despite of all masterly played techniques. Besides all perfection, his priority is a real expression of feelings."The only thing that counts by the end of the day is that one interesting timeless, emotion- revealing melody." Marc closes his musical-philosophy summary with this sentence, leaving nothing left to add......!